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fuck 11 years ago
you know you need to change your life, when the highlight of your day is having a wank over these ready-break looking people
Anon 11 years ago
I want to see more of the redhead!!!
help! :)
Mr. Kelseys pup stabalizer 3 years ago
Where is the goddamn plot line here? Krist, I always porn for the plot as the fuckin sucks. And they have to bring in a coupla jigs to get the fat chick off? Fuck me. . .

And fire the asshole who did the lighting for this.
3 years ago
That interview bitch needs to shut the fuck up! Let the dude fuck her already! Jesus Christ , nobody cares if it's their "first time" or how they like to get fucked. They just wanna see the fucking video!
Yyyyy 10 years ago
I beat on fattys baddlyyy
Cam 10 years ago
That was 34mins of bullshit. Waste of a vid. There's more talking and for play than anything. Fuck and nutt already.
Grant Green 3 months ago
I wish the camerawoman would shut the fuck up
Hardhead55 4 months ago
I want to see more vids with just the chubby redhead, Shayla…shes hot
Daddy D 3 years ago
It’s aight